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LEAF is a Christian Charity established to develop a range of projects aimed at improving the ‘well-being’ of people within our community. ‘LEAF’ stands for ‘Locally Encourage All to Flourish’, and our focus is on supporting people to flourish individually and as members of their communities.

In recent years there has been an impetus within the different churches in Ledbury to work more closely together, and for there to be a more coordinated approach to supporting the various needs within our community. LEAF is the next step in that approach.


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Upcoming Event 
21st August

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Alpha Courses
A new Alpha Course will be starting in November. If you wish you knew more about the Christian faith or simply want to explore Chrisitianity then the Alpha Course is an excellent vehicle, not just to meet new friends but to discuss the issues of life in an informal setting. If you would like to know more then contact Gill on 07916836795 


Children's Events

Watch out for two new exciting children's events coming later on this Autumn.

The Light Party on October 31st
The Advent Party on December 5th